About Us

My name is Michele Holland and I started P.K.M. Pet Care almost 15 years ago because I couldn’t find a suitable place to board my pets.  I wanted to find a place that my pets could all be together and comfortable.  After researching, I discovered that this wasn’t something that was out there, but a reality I could make true.  With this in mind, I started P.K.M. Pet Care.

Going above and beyond for all my clients is my number one goal and something I take pride in everyday.  Getting a chance to take care of animals and making sure they are loved and healthy has become part of my daily journey.  I want my clients to go on vacation or to work and not have to worry about their pets.

I provide daily journals of our completed activities, so when you come home, you never miss a beat!  Most importantly, your animals are in familiar surroundings while continuing their daily schedules, eating habits and any medication or custom care they might need.

Missing their parents in hard enough!  Give P.K.M. Pet Care a chance and see what we can do for you and your pets:)