Other Services

-Pet Taxi-

If you don’t have time to take your pets to the vet or any other reason then P.K.M. pet taxi is there for you.(Crates are Provided).  I will come to your home and pick up your pet for a safe ride to the veterinarian.  When it’s your pets turn I will accompany them and bring home a full report from the Dr.  **Please call for Pet Taxi Pricing**

-Mid-Day Walking-

If you work long hours or don’t have enough time to excercise your dog, then P.K.M. Pet Care will come and take your do for a walk, then some fresh water, a treat, and a report for you on how the walk went. $25

-Dog Park Trip-

This is for the dog in your life that you love to spoil.  P.K.M. will take your dog for a trip to the McLearny Dog Park at the Humane Society.  There your dog will be able to run and socialize with other dogs.  At the park your dog will experience green grass, beautiful plants and flowers, and a waterfall with a baby pool to wade in:)  Or I can take your dog to the place/park of your choice.  Your dog must be well behaved and not aggressive. Call for Pricing

-Puppy Potty Break-

When training puppies we all know they need to go out every couple of hours.  Sometimes jobs and everyday life don’t allow us to come home in the middle of the day.  This service is to let your puppy get some fresh water, a little exercise and a potty break!  For you, it prevents unwanted messes, plus a full report on the visit:) $25

-Food Pick up and Delivery-

P.K.M. will pick up your animals food and deliver it to your house every week, month, or other specified times. Call for Pricing

-Airport Ride and Pick-Up-

At P.K.M. we know the hassle at the airport these days, and parking is the last thing you need to worry about.  Let us take you and pick you up from the airport.  If you want, your pet can come along to send you off, and/or greet you upon your arrival. Call for Pricing