The Dog Gone Truth

What else you should know!

-Dependable services.  Never have to worry again if your pet is being well taken care of.

-Notes for each and every visit that can be emailed to you along with pictures, or received at home.  Notes include what we did, how they behaved, how their appetite was, if they used the bathroom regularly, and how they were without their parents.

-Check lists are also provided to ensure jobs duties are completed.

-I am someone who will truly love, play and take care of your pet.  Making the pets and my clients happy is my #1 goal.

-All of my clients have hired me again after my first visit.

-Pictures are taken on the first visit for safety purposes.

-I provide free interviews, and will come to your home at no charge if your pets routine has changed.

-I love my job and love animals.  I have learned First Aid techniques, and much more by taking the pet sitting technician class through Pet Sitters International.

-Treats, toys and a report card for your little ones:)